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Bryan McWhite has been married to his best friend Leslie for 12 years now. His boy, Owen, is six years old and his little girl, Ruthie, is four-going-on-sixteen. Can you tell how outdated this photo is? Sheesh. He needs a new one bad. Bryan’s a realtor at Keller Williams in Maple Grove, MN, but when he’s not at work or loving on his family, he’s reading. When he’s not reading he’s training for marathons or Tough Mudders, including this year’s “World’s Toughest Mudder.” Sometimes he sleeps too. But not every day. His greatest achievement in life is being best buds with a world famous musician named Steve Goold. And he thinks that everything in life is small in comparison to the greatness and glory of Jesus. Shoot Bryan an email, or find him on Facebook or Twitter.

Steve Goold
is a professional musician, lives in Champlin MN with his beautiful wife Kristyn and their two daughters (Betty and Suzy), and has been known to wear skinny jeans.  Steve performs/records drums with many local and national artists and is adjunct faculty with the music department at Bethel University. He is very passionate about seeing music used effectively in bringing God glory and spends much of his time thinking and working to this end. A lot of Steve’s time is also spent hanging out with one Bryan McWhite, a dude who has the whole being-a-good-friend thing really figured out. Find Steve on Facebook and Twitter, and also at his music blog where he writes regularly.



Thoughts on God and Life from Two Guys Who Love Both

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