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Coming Soon: A Blog Series on the Book of Revelation

ΑΩ  Introduction

I’ve never undertaken a serious, extended study on the Book of Revelation.

Have you? I wanted to do an independent study on it in seminary, but couldn’t fit it into my course load. I thought about preaching through it at one point, but, honestly, I didn’t know if I was up to the task. I’m working my butt off in the real estate world right now (Anyone looking to sell their home? Anyone know anyone who’s looking to sell their home?), but unlike when I was in full-time ministry, my mind isn’t currently dominated by any one particular biblical book or text because I’m not preaching on Sunday. So, now might be the perfect time to wrestle with this crazy and confusing book, because I have a lot of mental and spiritual bandwidth available.

I’m not sure what exactly my plan will be yet, or how slowly or quickly I’ll proceed. My invitation to you is to become a partner in the dialogue throughout. My guess is that I won’t write a single post in this entire series in which I am completely confident in my understanding and conclusions. Every post will represent my “understanding at the moment,” which will leave a lot of room for dialogue and learning-in-common. You can comment below the posts and contribute with your thoughts or questions. You can also certainly feel free to email me at or via Facebook message if you’re rather keep the dialogue between you and me. I really would love to hear from you so that we can all learn from each other.

If I could have you all over each week for some of my beautiful bride’s increasingly famous manicotti and some conversation about the book, that would be ideal. But I think this forum might suffice (and be significantly less overwhelming for Leslie than to make several thousand manicotti shells. I don’t know. I’ll ask her).

Give me a couple weeks to get a head start. In the mean time, I’ll finish out my posts from the Gospel of John, and Steve will finish out his posts from his year-long study of the entire Bible (see below). What an awesome project that’s been. I’ve loved watching him do it.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to, based on what I already know about Revelation: Revelation is for worshipers. It paints a portrait of a massive and beautiful and majestic God, who deserves all glory and honor. Revelation is for doubters. It lets us know that we are a part of a story that has a certain ending, because it is written by the one true sovereign. Revelation is for the weak but willing. It puts steel in the spine of those who desire courage and boldness. Revelation is for conquerors. It reminds us from whom our greatest strength comes and for whom we’re conquering. Revelation is for the evil. It reminds them that their time is short. And Revelation is for the broken. It reveals for us how all of the shattered pieces will be put back together again.

Looking forward to reading with you, friends.