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Live Sent: Sparking Missional Dreamsheadphones.jpg

What might it mean for us to live our lives as “sent people,” who view our lives primarily as a life on mission with God wherever we go? The church isn’t meant to be a gathering within which to hide from the outside world, but a mission outpost from which the people of God project the message of Jesus into the world.

Living Sent On Mission With God

Living Sent as Everyday Apostles

Living Sent in the Suburbs

Living Sent to the 9-5 Window

Living Sent as Global Ambassadors

Living Sent as a Counter Culture

Living Sent to One

Be the Church

What is “church,” exactly? It is a building? Is it the place people go to get a weekly spiritual fix? Is it meant to be most like a concert? A mall? A clinic? A family dinner? What if you don’t like church? Is that okay? Should be a church member? Is the church as we see it today the way the church is meant to be? This series attempts to paint a biblical portrait of what “church” is meant to be as the covenant community of the people of God.

Be the Church: The Community of the New Covenant

A Mall, A Spiritual Clinic, Cheap Entertainment?… What Is the Church?

It’s Really Not About You

We Are Family: The Church As Community

Rods and Staffs: Why Authority In the Church Matters

Fuddruckers Is Not a Family: The Committed Church


The Gospel Is Dangerous

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Part 1)

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Part 2)

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